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The concept of TIRABALL exercise is based on neuro-endocrine therapy and spiral momentum. Using TIRAPY techniques with TIRABALL through our online or offline training course.

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Small Ball

Huge Benefits

Rhythmic spiral movement simulates Qigong Therapy in Chinese Medicine

While you are controlling the inner metal balls spinning at different orbits and speed, your body muscles ranging from your arms, back and leg are rotating in harmony in Qigong exercising patterns.

Effectively stimulate your body metabolism, lymphatic and nervous system

The core element of TIRAPY is Tai Chi and Qigong. We all know that Tai Chi and Qigong has significant health benefits which current evidence has shown. Here is a reference from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Publication in May 2009 talking about the benefits of Tai Chi.

The best exercising tool that you can play anytime anywhere

Tiraball is the lightest and most portable exercising tool for your exercise at home, office or grassland. Without much sweat and pain, but with significant medical therapy and fat burning effects.



experienced the power of Tirapy with Tiraball with significant improvements in:

# Diabetes

in 2 weeks

#Parkinson's Disease

in 4 weeks

#Fat Burning

in 1 weeks

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